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One thing they don’t often teach you when you are growing up is having tough conversations.

When you need to have a difficult talk with someone – a family member, client, significant other, or child (especially a child), it can be a very sensitive situation.

No one likes confrontation, but sometimes it needs to happen.

An acronym to help you navigate those moments is to SHOW them you care by doing the following:

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Safe – Provide a safe space for the other party to know they can share freely.

Honest – Honesty is the best policy for communication, even if it may not be what either of you wants to hear.

Open – Being open to whatever the other person has to say is important; it’s not always about what “makes sense”.

Wait – Give information space to breathe. Let it marinate. Then you can process the information a bit better before responding (and avoid or prevent defensive/aggressive interactions).

Which step do you think you do the best at providing during a tough conversation??

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