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Handling time off in business can feel like a big hurdle at first. Especially if you haven’t done it before.

This can be a touchy and tricky subject.

But it relates back to many of the previous topics: boundaries, priorities, authenticity, etc.

You want to ensure that when you are setting up expectations for your clients that you consider all angles — time off being one of them.

Outline and be clear about your hours of operation and any vacation you take or holidays that your business is closed.

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Place them in all of your documents (contracts, welcome packets, etc.), set away messages for your email when you are off, block them on your calendar, and communicate reminders.

Don’t forget to schedule content so you still remain front and center with your audience!

Guaranteed, this will set you up for success, allow you to take the much-needed time with your family, and create space for you to grow and recenter yourself once in a while.

Honestly, did you start your business to be working 24/7? I didn’t think so.

What are a few upcoming dates you will be taking time off that you want to be cognizant of?

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