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Growth is vital in life.

Growing and learning never ends. Or shouldn’t, anyway.

Give yourself space for growth to happen. Who you were as a new mom will likely not be the mom are you after a second baby or a few years after you have your baby.

You learn routines, expand your wealth of knowledge, and learn to trust your instincts in situations.

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There is a person completely dependent upon you for their well-being. It can be VERY overwhelming and a lot to bear.

That’s why having your village to turn to and rely on in times of trouble or with questions (simple or complex) is important.

Being able to release some of the stress and pressure in a safe place makes a big difference.

But also a place where you can share successes where others will celebrate with you, understand how BIG one less tantrum or only having 2 accidents a day truly is.

That can feel like an extension of home. Your village needs to be sturdy for when there are quakes, but flexible enough to mold to changes.

What is one way you have seen yourself grow after having children?

Remember, PAVE your way.

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