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I see a lot of posts regarding the new year, resolutions, setting new goals, and so on and so forth. Yet, rarely do I notice anything directed towards children in the new year. Perhaps that topic simply gets overlooked.

Or maybe we forget that children can partake in this tradition, as well.

Teach Kids How to Set and Reach Goals

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” ~ Melody Beattie

For me, a new year does NOT mean a reset or a restart. It simply means a redirection or new chapter to continue on to your final destination. With the ebb and flow that each year brings, we take the lessons learned and grow. So, new goals can be set in place to stack together into an overall achievement to strive toward.

While you set yours, sit down with your children and help them set their own goals. What would they like to accomplish in the coming year? What steps do they think they need to take in order to reach that big victory? Take a few moments to guide them into learning the work and dedication it takes to get to that point. And, the pride they will feel when completing each notch on the way.

How can you teach your kids to set and reach goals?

Ask questions.

Lead the tiny humans in the right direction by inquiring about their desires. Even if they tell you what they want, assist them in digging deeper to find ultimate goals, smaller parts they can break that big piece into, and discovering aspects about each part that they may not realize if left to their own devices.

Buy/Make a journal/planner.

Goals: Teaching Kids How to Set and Reach

Providing a place for them to track, write down, and share thoughts and inspiration along the road will help your kiddos have a visible recount of everything. Even if they only want to save for a specific item, jotting down the amount along the way will allow them to see the progress and keep going.

Keep them accountable.

Accountability is a key ingredient to setting and reaching goals. Few people have the tenacity and will to continue through adversity without someone or something to hold them responsible. YOU get the job to coach them along and maintain that forward motion; being a good example of that momentum will also support efforts.


Have check-ins to see how much headway has been made. While this may work in tandem with accountability, following up and following through are essential elements for working toward objections. This step allows for reflection, adjustments, and celebrating the small successes! If your little ones hit a mini-target, teach them the importance of recognizing that triumph (no matter where along the journey it lies). Those little moments of joy will catapult them to attain the next mark.

What ways do you help your children set and reach goals?

If helping your kiddos hone in on wishes and desires and how to achieve them hasn’t crossed your mind, then I hope this enables you to be more intentional in that regard. Guide them in writing the chapters in their book with determination and dedication.

Goals: Teaching Kids How to Set and Reach Them

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