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Unbelievably, Easter is hopping up around the corner again! But, as always, I LOVE the holidays and am soooo ready.

That means I already have gifts ready and just a few more items to get for the magic of Easter to happen in our home. Are you prepared??

easter baskets

If you need a few more ideas and are still tossing around what to do for your kiddos, here are five unique Easter basket ideas you may consider:

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Rain Boots

One year, we chose to use rain boots as a basket and filled them with the goodies (books, clothing, toys, a little candy). Not only did they act as a gift themselves but with so many options of designs out there, the kids absolutely loved the individualized aspect of the boots. Plus, buying them a little on the big size meant they could use them for longer than just a month or two.


Sun hats, baseball caps, or cowboy hats… again, the choices vary so much as to what you could use. Also, upside down, they make for the best baskets ever. Each year, my son tends to gravitate towards wearing a baseball hat over anything else all the time. In addition, in his eyes, he can never have too many hats. So, fill that baby and watch their eyes light up.


I know, I know. You aren’t supposed to open an umbrella inside because it’s bad luck. But, an open umbrella upside down serves as a perfect container for larger items that don’t generally fit in a standard Easter basket. An outfit, sandals, sunglasses, bubbles, chalk, books, or anything of that nature. You are less limited or can fit it all in the turned up gift without leaving any sitting on the table. The kiddos are sure to find each item without needing to be reminded of it sitting there.


For those of you who hike, go on trips, or participate in camps, you can use this idea. My brother and sister-in-law did this for their little ones one year and I thought it was genius! A new water bottle, sunglasses, and other goodies zipped right into backpacks perfect for their personalities and needs. You can’t ask for a better “basket” than that.


Whether it’s a little camping chair, a gaming chair, a bench, or a simple bean bag, you’ve got a designated spot to place trinkets for your children. You’ll always need a place to sit, and you can get pretty creative with your choice of seat for this “Easter basket.” No child will be upset with a new chair to rest in – what a special treat.

Part of the fun in each holiday for me remains in finding some magical component to letting your child know how important they are to you and in the world. You get to create this remarkable moment for them in a span of rollercoaster ups and downs in their life. Therefore, these will be bits and pieces that they hold on to and remember throughout every year as a child and an adult. Maybe they’ll continue the tradition or put their spin on what you do. However, I also get to see the delight on their faces for that minute and treasure that when I need that memory most.

Take these ideas and make them your own!

5 unique easter basket ideas
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