Engaging Thank You

Thank you for grabbing your free gift of engaging with your child even on those busy days!

Hopefully, you’ll find the value in these pages and begin taking those important steps to be more involved even when your brain is on autopilot. We have all been in those shoes. But, you can keep it simple!

Speaking of simple…

While you’re on track, why not kick it up a notch and help your schedule with new adjustments like bedtime routines, potty training, chores, and such by rewarding positive behavior. Charts for Change creates an easy way to encourage your child to perform tasks without hassle.

Guidance can be fun! Lead your little ones with sticker charts, weekly rewards, and encouragement. Chores and new daily activities should become part of the routine when using these charts consistently.

Using these charts allows you to create a habit or a goal to hit once each mark has been checked. And, let me tell you, consistency is key. Trust me, it will all be worth it in the end!

Included in the chart bundle are six printable charts:

potty help, sleeping assistance, bedtime routine, nightly chores, morning routine, and healthy choices.

You will recognize them as follows:

Potty Prize Progress, Bedtime Boosters, Bedtime Business, Nightly Needs, Morning Musts, and Healthy Habits.

Encourage your child and watch them blossom (and forgive the rough days; we all have those). Each chart provides easy items to check off.

These simple, yet effective charts for daily use, will help accountability, cause and effect, and working towards a goal! All of those actions are important steps to learning. Plus, you get to help them celebrate when they reach the weekly achievement and that will strengthen your bond.

Grab your Charts for Change Here!