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In the words of Hanson, “won’t you save me ‘cause saving’s what I need…”

This has been the longest week I’ve had in a long time. Long and busy from sun up until sun down with the kiddos, client work, and just life. I needed a little saving throughout the last five days. I’d say I’ll spare you the details, but it helps put my words into perspective. And if it weren’t for my beloved planner, I probably would have forgotten an item or two. If you’re on the lookout, these are the kinds I get each year. 

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The Frenzy

Our week started with field day for my son’s school Monday. We skipped the awards ceremony that morning so we could pick up the dogs from having them kenneled for the weekend (we went to our niece’s birthday party hours away). I snuck in a little work, said goodbye to my husband who was leaving for two weeks, went to the lunch at the school, then the activities to celebrate the good year they’ve all had. So, we were at the school (me with my 1 month old and 3 year old to visit the 7 year old) from 11:15 am until I couldn’t handle the heat any longer at 2:30 ish pm. Following that, we did dinner and bath night for everyone.

End of the School Year Frenzy

Tuesday brought a client call, grocery shopping and teacher gift getting, hustling to get items packed up and settled, picking up son, heading directly to dance rehearsal with snacks and dinner and baseball gear, heading directly to baseball game once dance ended, and after getting rained on for a little bit, we got home around 8:30 — just in time for bed. Wednesday was early release for my son, so we dropped him off, worked for a bit, picked him up, went and picked up dinner (Subway), made sure packs were ready and snacks prepared, then off to dance, dropped off an item at a friend’s, then off to baseball for scorekeeping and providing the team snack, home by 10.

First day of my son’s summer was filled with my daughter’s dance showcase run-through from 10:30 until roughly 2. Then home for some food, and back to the theater for the dance performance from 6 until 9:30. The kids were finally asleep by around 11. Today consisted of my 6-week check up and work. You better believe I will be taking full advantage of Friday night movie night and the weekend. All of this was around doing laundry and keeping up the house and paying bills and… and… and…

Summer Plans

While this week was crazy stressful, I can say my friends and family made my load a little easier to bear and I am grateful we survived relatively unscathed. The end of the school frenzy makes me appreciate certain aspects and our down time a tad bit more.

Our summer plans include a wedding and some friend and family gatherings. However, I am going to focus efforts this year on spending time outside in the garden and the yard, working outside enjoying the views I was too busy unpacking to fully relish last year, and play with the kids eating up every ounce of our last little’s growing milestones.


For those of you still dealing with your end of school frenzy, I leave you with the words of Effie Trinket, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Keep your chin up, your spirits high, and I hope you have the patience to withstand the storm. Feel free to share your stories below! I’d love to hear from you.

End of the school year frenzy

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