Affiliate Link BannerWhether you focus on the religious aspect or simply the family time together, Easter holds plenty of greatness. I personally teach my children a little bit about the religious side, but tend to lean heavily towards the activities we do together.

Easter Dash

Easter Dash

Nearly every year since I began dating my now husband, we have gone to my mother in law’s Easter Dash celebration. It’s such a fun event where they set up candy and toys in sections in the gym, split the kids by ages, count down, and let them go for the treasures.

Easter Bunny

Once they complete that, they line up for pictures with the Easter bunny. Then, we make our ways to the cafeteria and have pizza, juice or water, usually grapes, and a cookie. Sometimes they do a jelly bean guessing contest, as well.

Some years my husband cannot make it due to work, but the experience has become a bit of a tradition in our household. I might love it more than the kids. But it’s fun to watch the joy when they dash and have a special day together. –Side note… with my baby brain and busy running around these past few weeks, I managed forget where it was located this year and missed it. I felt horrible, but there’s always next year!–


Easter Egg Dying/Hunting

Easter Egg Dying

I also love doing the Easter egg dying and hiding and hunting. There are some pretty neat ways to go about this these days and we’ve tried a few different options. We always pick out a little pack and then choose either a do it yourself option or just a really neat one like the ones you plop in and can shake that even little tinies can do.

The rice with food coloring was neat. We tried shaving cream and also the Kool-aid packets. Some are more vibrant than others, but the kids tend to love them no matter what. The stamp markers were a favorite for my daughter. My son seems to be pretty easy to please, but he’s learning about writing on them with wax for designs and such now.

Easter Egg Dying 2

Easter Magic

For hiding, we love doing some easy and some harder for the different ages in our house. Seriously such a fun part of parenting.

Another tradition we started a couple of years ago is “planting” jelly beans and seeing them magically grow into suckers overnight. The kids light up and are amazed, but love the transformation. Who doesn’t love a bit of magic?

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Whatever it is you choose to do this Easter, soak up the love and bask in the laughter. I’d love to hear your stories, so feel free to share!

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