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When you think of date nights, do you immediately think of dressing up and going somewhere fancy that maybe even put leftovers in swan foils?

That is not at all what I mean.

Date nights are imperative, in my opinion, with not only your significant other but also with your kiddos!

Whether it’s a family date night or a special day with one of your littles, the point is to make it an enjoyable memory out of the ordinary.

Now, the definition will tell you that it’s between two married people or two people who have been together for a long time.

I think we need to challenge that definition and just make it a time that two (or more) of you really focus on each other and enjoy the company you’re in at that time.

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AND, the best part, I feel like sometimes when we do something different for a weekly movie night can be considered a “date night” for us.

So, the kids go to bed at a decent time, which means we get to rent a movie we’ve wanted to see, get a snack, and cuddle up on the couch together.

Or together, we can make ice cream in the ice cream maker or something as a special treat we don’t make often.

The main idea here is to do something together that is out of the ordinary and will allow you to spend undivided, focused time in each other’s company.

What do you do for date nights??

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Date Nights


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