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Part of the fun of having children is all the fun special occasions that surface. The moments we share that will forever be treasured.

Treasured Moment Numero Uno

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking my son to the mother-son dance (squee! He finally agreed to go this year). He got to pick out his outfit and he actually decided he liked nice dress up shirts. Coordinating and going on an outing just me and him was delightful. He even said he would go next year!

Moments Mother Son Dance

Which means, maybe we created a new tradition where I get some one on one little man time. Watching him grow into a spectacular young man and sharing time his sisters cannot seems to be dear to him, as well.

Treasured Moment Numero Dos

Even more recently, my husband was able to finally take our daughter to the father-daughter ball and boy was she in heaven. She asked for a month straight to wear the dress she (at 3 years old) picked out. To say she looked like a princess does not even cover it. I nearly cried getting her ready.

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Seeing her eyes light up and her face when the time came to get ready and daddy got all cleaned up was priceless. Of course, he’ll get to take both of our daughters when the little arrives and gets bigger. But, in the meantime, it will be a highlight of her year and a special night for them both.

Moments Daddy Daughter Dance

Make Time

These are rare occasions and I understand they may not be available everywhere. However, I’ve been known to randomly take them to breakfast or lunch or out for an ice cream cone if daddy works his longer hours. Anything that may show them that life can be hectic and crazy, but taking time out to appreciate them and break routine is okay.

Moments Ice Cream Moments Ice Cream Again

One place offers $0.50 ice cream cones. That gives them a treat and allows for a specific outing we all enjoy.

Time Tips:

  1. Make it fun! Time spent doing something they know does not happen often makes all the difference. Whether it may be a new park excursion, hiking in a new place, an ice cream cone, or there’s an arcade our kids enjoy once in a while.
  2. Unplanned and spontaneous works well! After a painting class, I randomly decided to take the kiddos to lunch at a place we rarely go as I saw it on the way home. They both love it and my son talked about it for weeks! Ha
  3. Be present! We try to listen to our littles as much as possible. Every time they mention a place they want to go, a new game they want to play, or a new food they want to try, we store it away so surprises can happen. Their faces if or when a desire comes to fruition makes everything worth it.

Do you have any special events or places you go? Yearly treasured moments that take place? Feel free to share them with me!

Treasured Moments