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When you reach for the stars, you’re likely to land among them. But when you reach for a specific star and create small, achievable goals to attain it, you’ll get much, much closer.

Your path may change, the star you’re aiming for may shift. The important part is that you’ll have an extremely clear path as opposed to a faint, blurry line to follow that may fizzle out.

By creating little tangible steps, you not only have a better idea of what daily, weekly, monthly tasks you need to be doing to reach the big, overarching goal, but you’ll be able to celebrate when you hit each small win!

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And those little celebrations can be the catalyst you need to keep going through the hurdles and combat each obstacle you come across along the way.

Rather than one long journey, you have smaller pit stops along the way to also help you evaluate, reflect, and shift if necessary.

What is ONE small, achievable goal you have for this month??

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