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This rollercoaster called parenthood can sure throw us to the wolves at times.

Riddle me this, though: what other situation can you think of where you witness a tiny version of you getting the courage up to point back at you and mimic whatever sound or face you may be making? Who else can simultaneously make you want to hug them, laugh at them, and pull your own hair out?

My constant state of worry and pride and stress and happiness… It’s really a wonder anyone survives the parenting games. Yet, child and parent alike usually do just fine on the rocky path we bounce along.

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Honestly, if you’ve ever seen Family Matters, many times I find myself acting like the dad going “3-2-1, 1-2-3, what the heck is bothering me?”

That sentiment becomes my mantra for trying to calm down when they are having lapses in judgement and pushing my buttons. I realize I’m in charge of my reactions, but patience runs thin some days.

Other days, I revel in the help they provide to me, to others, and the glimpse into who I hope they truly are turning out to be as adults. I will repeat for the millionth time, we are all doing our best here. And, we hope it pays off in the end.

Blessings: Kids

Even with all the hectic, chaotic, frantic mess going on in this house, I am overcome by this beautiful disaster we create each day. It’s a give and take, and we’re all allowed to have our rough patches. However, I find that reminding myself of the reasons why I love being a mom and try to focus on the positives, the less I feel like exploding into a volcano of crazy mom.

(Don’t worry, she still makes an appearance, but not as frequently.)

So, what are these blessings I’m counting (besides just the kids themselves)? Here are my reasons I love being a mom:


Seriously, sometimes I think my kids need to read much, much more. Other times, I am shocked at their quick wit and funny remarks. What they soak up, learn, choose to remember, and spit back tends to be pretty entertaining. Really, some sentences land them in trouble, but I’d be lying if even those bits didn’t get me chuckling under my breath. They say some true gems here and there.

Be Still My Heart

Their ability to lift my spirits (even if they were the ones to obliterate it in the first place) knocks me off my feet. Not all the time, but when they choose to show that tender side, care for each other, me and dad, or others melts me into a big ol’ puddle. Completely different personalities don’t always mesh in a family or otherwise, so when they embody forgiveness, grace, empathy, and love, I cannot do anything but swoon over the beings I helped raise into that (and it helps me to ignore the times they’re complete heathens I also brought up in this world).


Counting My Blessings: 3 Musketeers

These souls are constant reminders of how beautiful our differences remain. Each one of them exemplifies a completely separate personality, but the love I have for those individuals soars higher than I ever could imagine. A feature may be shared here and there, but acknowledging the uniqueness of any one of the three simply makes me more proud. They make me think of the three musketeers. One for all and all for one!

Working Together

Being a unit would have to be my all-time top love in being a mom. When everything comes together, we communicate, coordinate, support, and show up for each other. THAT is the epitome of family to me. If one person has a hard time, then we all have a hard time. Those situations bring us together to brainstorm and find a solution that works well for all parties. Struggles and mistakes happen, but having a support system through those times makes a HUGE difference. And, if my children learn nothing from me except for that one important lesson, then I will still be a happy, tired, exhausted, fulfilled mom.

What are some of your favorite parts about being a mom? Count your blessings today, find a bit of positivity amongst the rubble that may have settled during your day. Here’s to many more smiles and laughter than frowns or tears on your road through the crazy, beautiful thing called parenting.

Counting My Blessings: Reasons I Love Being a Mom
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