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When it comes to business, there are so many things to consider… like contracts: do you need them?

Short answer: yes.

If you have a service-based business or any type of business where people are buying things from you, you need an agreement.

There are plenty of free ones you can find and alter to fit your needs, but you certainly can consult an attorney or legal service to help you craft one that’s up to snuff as well.

The whole point of a contract is to protect you AND the other party entering the agreement.

If you’re in a direct sales company, often that step is taken care of for you.

But if you have your own business, then you need to ensure you “cover your butt.”

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This also will provide important information to eliminate confusion or any possible changes (those should be in writing, too) to the agreement. 

Include your hours of operation, an outline of the work to be done with no room for interpretation, and the payment details (amount, when, and how to pay). All of this will help solidify the contract and remove any need for clarification or wiggle room.

Do you use contracts??

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Contracts: Do you need them?


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