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Content Services

Have you thought of the reasons why you SHOULD work with someone?


You only have so much of it. Some of your tasks deter you from focusing on growth and block you from the important aspects of your business.

As a team, we can truly take flight while having fun and enjoying the view in the process. We’re all about being efficient, yet providing quality work. Show us the ropes and let us loose.

We can:

lighten your load

simplify your processes

and set you up for smooth sailing

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“The man who has no imagination has no wings.” ~ Muhammad Ali

PA V E Your Way

Where do you really want your energy to go when juggling business and life?

We organically help you with:




Establishing Your Brand

All while you aim your sights (and mind) on the money-generating ideas and bring those to fruition.

We’re here to support your needs and help you soar.

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Riding a Magic Carpet

Working with Jessica is like riding a magic carpet. Her ideas and creativity flow onto the page, into blogs, newsletters, and social media posts. Every project is completed on or before the agreed-to date and time.

– Georgena Eggleston

Utter Delight

Turns out that finding a good copywriter is hard. Finding a collaborative co-partner, well, off the charts hard. So with utter delight, a good wordsmith with too many words on her plate to smith referred me to Jessica. Upon completing a test project, we jumped into writing a 30+plus magazine of sorts. We call them Executive Primers. Utter delight and super productive. We produced a high-quality piece that should have taken many weeks in a week and a half in live Zoom sessions. I really don’t want to recommend Jessica too widely. She gets too booked, and I’ll have to wait in line. ;-(

– Michael Moon

Business Booster

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessie Halvorsen for about 5 years now. During this time, Jessie served as a virtual assistant as I worked ferociously to scale up my consulting business turned agency. To merely label what Jessie does as “virtual assisting” is inadequate, though. Jessie is a business booster. She jumps in wherever need be, and trust me, we threw her a ton of needs, and gets the job done with excellence, professionalism, and always ahead of schedule.

I’ve worked with so many virtual assistants in the past, and Jessie sets the stage for quality. There were numerous occasions when she met with our clients, and I never had any doubt about how their experience would be with her. In fact, all of them would make it an extra point to let me know how wonderful she is. As someone who values reputation, this is probably the highest praise I can give Jessie. She will be an excellent representation of your business.

I can’t say enough how much I endorse Jessie and Mom Elevated. Anyone who works with her is lucky, and I look forward to working with her again.

– Kait LeDonne

Fast, Friendly, and Reliable

Mom Elevated honed in on my business services and was able to provide not only relevant but beautiful, content that was in tune with my brand. I highly recommend Mom Elevated to anyone looking for social media services. Jessica’s work is fast, friendly, and reliable.

– Amy Jo Dillard

A Rare Find

Jessie is a rare find. She’s helped me with many projects and she’s always provided more value than I expected. She’s an excellent writer that knows how to stay on tone with even the most casual writing mediums like social media captions. From the first email pitch that landed in my inbox, I knew she was a keeper!

If you’re looking for a versatile writer that will habitually over-deliver, hire Jessica!

– Chrystal Paasch

Take a Deep Breath

Jessie has been absolutely wonderful. With busy kids’ schedules and crashing client deadlines, I can take a deep breath and know that I can reliably turn to her for help and support. I highly recommend her!

— Dayna Anderson, Cardinal Points Consulting

Blown Away

This is my first time using a service like this, and I’m blown away! Thank you so much!

– Rachael Sambuca-Cifelli

A Taste of What You Get

Branding your images and making them recognizable to your audience is as important as the message you send. Make them cohesive with the help of Mom Elevated.

As you can see, your words come to life (and if you also need help forming those words, you’re in the right place) with stunning, stop the scroll graphics.

If you’d like to chat about any of these options or any other tasks you have and feel I’d be a good fit, then click the button below to fill out the form and send me a message!