I’ve been going through the motions of what others have said is a good path for me. Plugging away, creating the content, and feeling fine.

But something felt off.

I was finding success, providing value, but there seemed to be a piece missing.

Then, all the negative thoughts, naysayers, and other Debbie Downer bits showed up.

I began this journey with a specific goal in mind, and I am so close I can taste it. But do I just keep plugging away, head down, or do I raise my head and listen to my heart?

confidence in parenting

It’s always good to continue pushing your boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone, right? 

We are always learning and growing (I know I am), and part of that is allowing yourself to “dabble” while you discover what it is you enjoy and where you’re the most successful and fulfilled.

For me, that means sticking with my mom-side and helping others step into that confidence in YOUR best version of parenting. 

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We are all different, and we should celebrate that not condemn each other for it. I have mommy friends who excel in cleaning and organizing, some who are calm and collected, some who love so deeply and wrap their children in immense understanding… the list goes on. 

And while we excel in some areas, we also lean on each other for support in other aspects. 

That’s what makes us strong. We don’t judge another part of the group simply because we don’t parent the same or keep our homes the same. 

The important part is that we have someone to lean on, commiserate with, and call on when needed.

And we will show up. 

We may be teaching our littles, but we are learning all the same along the journey. Our best parenting will not match up exactly, but we can borrow ideas and suggestions and incorporate them as we see fit.

Confidence: YOUR best version of parenting

What have you learned from others and added to your arsenal of parenting skills?

I have always loved kids. Whether that means cooking with them, raising them, watching them, redirecting, or seeing what buttons they’ll push that day, I love them. My own or otherwise.

And I think a large part of the puzzle is confidence. 

Confidence in: 

— your parenting ability
— your choices
— knowing that mistakes don’t make you a bad parent
— that your journey will be unique to you
— your best may be someone else’s mediocre some days

All of those will likely waver, but knowing in your heart of hearts that what you’re doing for your kiddos is what you’ve got in you is important.

Your BEST version of Parenting

We have become a very independent, bottle-it-up society… which is great until it isn’t.

It’s okay not to know every little detail of being a parent. Some of it is learning as you go and trusting your gut. 

I’m here to give you a boost, teach you some tips and tricks, and help you gain (and keep!) that confidence as you go through each trial and tribulation parenting offers on the daily.

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Confidence in Your Best Version of Parenting

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