Elevate Your Life

You may have read that I help women elevate their lives by building a business that incorporates their children so they can experience true fulfillment in all of their roles.

 Do you love being a stay-at-home mom but still missing something?

 Have you been searching for a way to feel like yourself again?

 Are you looking for a sense of purpose and gratification?

I’m here to give you that lift, boost, and guidance to reach your goals.

I cannot wait to speak with you and get you started

The 8-Week Fulfilled Virtual Assistant Mentorship Program is your answer!

Let me help you find direction, self-worth, and validation

If you…

 know you want more, but are unsure of how to get there…

 are ready to elevate your life, rise up to the next chapter that awaits you…

 want to contribute to your home and still have flexibility and availability for your family…

I’m here to give you that education, encouragement, and empowerment to make your visions come to life.

What Can You Expect From 1-on-1 Coaching With Me?

 Step by step direction on how to begin your virtual assistant business

 Any missing links you may have in your business preparation

 Resources, must-have programs, helpful tips to run smoothly (and grow if you so choose!)

 Weekly calls to regroup, get answers to your questions, and a cheerleader in your corner

 Checklists to ensure you are on track

 Unlimited access to me between calls (you need me, I’m there!)

Weekly Assignments

We will stay on track each week with the call for checking-in and encouragement as necessary.

In addition, we will cover a specific topic and I will provide homework for you to keep you moving towards your goal.

Some of the areas we will cover include:

  Your skills, services, offers, and prices

 Documents you need

 How to prepare

 Website, portfolio, and social channels

 Where to find clients

 Landing your first client

 Confidence and handling common pitfalls

 Time management and growing or expanding

 Testimonials and referrals

 Parting notes of encouragement and inspiration

We will get you rolling and keep you going!

Weekly Calls

Besides the checklists and homework, you’ll have weekly check-ins with me to make sure all is going well. Plus, the ability to email or message me with any additional questions throughout the week for 8 WEEKS. I’m on your side to uplift and encourage you through to success. You are not in this alone; I’ve got your back.

STEP 1 - Ignite

Spark that ember, begin the process. Once you have the idea, we can take that determination and dedication to new levels. The kindling makes a great base to build upon. You tell me your plans, goals, and what you’d like to accomplish. I help you plan to get there.

STEP 2 - Inspire

Once you have your kindling, you need to use that spark to light the fire. You find the inspiration and create a system to fan or add the fuel to the fire. Lucky for you, I have checklists to help ensure your success in this area. We’ll get you, and keep you, on track.

STEP 3 - Illuminate

You sparked and ignited, now it’s time to shine. Do the homework, take the tips, and put all the pieces into place to rock your virtual assistant business. The secret ingredient is already there — YOU. Now, you need to put yourself out there and show everyone that light.


You may find answers to some questions that may be floating around your head here. Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to scheduling a call. Or, if you’re ready, jot down your questions to ask during our chat and grab your spot in my schedule here.

What IS a virtual assistant?

I’m glad you asked. A virtual assistant is someone who helps businesses of all sizes complete tasks that either they do not have the capacity for, do not know or understand how to do, or are keeping them from more income-generating duties that would be a better use of their time. You get to support them and assist them in focusing on how to grow their companies.

Do I need to pay for more than coaching?

While we will cover this during our weekly calls, there are ways to save money and cheap or free options for many items. However, it is a business, and you will need to start thinking of the investments involved in that endeavor.

How much time do I need to have available?

While I will have “homework” and checklists for you, we will move at a pace that feels good to you. So long as you devote at least 5 hours a week, I believe you will set a good pace and make strides in building your virtual assistant business.

What experience is required?

Experience is relative, honestly. If you have some understanding of computers as you’ll be working virtually, we can discuss skills. Are you good with Facebook or Pinterest? Do you enjoy making calls? Excellent at calendar management? There are a plethora of options out there, and I will help you nail down your specialty.

Can I be a virtual assistant if I work or homeschool?

If you have time to set aside for completing tasks, then yes. Clients will respect your schedule (and the clients you want to work with likely won’t care) as long as you produce quality work in a timely manner. Let your value speak for itself.

Elevate Your Life

I’m here to give you that lift, boost, and guidance to reach your goals.

I cannot wait to speak with you and get you started