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Today, let’s discuss up and coming changes! The excitement inside is bubbling, growing, and would explode if it could. If you follow me on any of my social networks, you likely have heard the news. But, if not, I WILL confirm and validate all here.

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change and growth

Change is inevitable.

As we get older, we learn new information, go through different experiences, and each of these pieces come together in a variety of ways to form a new version of you.

Now, with this change, as the title suggests, growth is optional.

Just because you change does not mean that you grow as an individual. I mean, growth comes from realizations and choices. At times, those decisions and epiphanies do not come easily or smoothly. You have to be brave enough, crazy enough, open enough.

For me, the key word here is enough.

One realization I have had in the past month or so is that while I may not know it all, I know enough. This is fast becoming my new favorite phrase. My mantra, if you will. Falling into alignment with something near and dear, something that hits home yet fills me up, and a way to give back in a way that hopefully does the same for others around me is incredible.

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So, without further ado, I am announcing that Family, Fun, and Flaws will be merging with TKO Assisting (my two current businesses) into Mom Elevated and expanding into something you will NOT want to miss!

Blog, VA Services, and VA (Virtual Assistant) coaching will all be housed under one roof.

I will continue to pump out great content, serve my clients (and any new prospective clients), and now will also help women elevate their lives by building a business that incorporates their children so they can experience true fulfillment in all of their roles.

Being a parent is hard. Simple fact. Maybe not hard in the sense of carrying a ten-ton boulder around or piecing together a very minuscule project you must concentrate heavily on to get every aspect just right. However, it can feel like both of those and much more rolled into one at any given time.

growth and change

Remember, not only do you know enough, you ARE enough.

Embrace change, be open to opportunities and prepare yourself for growth. The work will be worth the outcome, and you may take a detour or two along the way. Always, always grant yourself some grace when timelines are not followed exactly and plans go a little askew.

I cannot wait to share more of Mom Elevated with you soon and hope you will join me along the journey!

What kind of changes or growth have you experienced lately??

Change is Inevitable; Growth is Optional

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