Keeping Old or Creating New Traditions

Keeping Old or Creating New Traditions

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What’s your take: are you for keeping old or creating new traditions?

When thinking of traditions, immediately something passed through the ages pops into mind.

However, traditions have to start somewhere!

Whether you are carrying on traditions from generations in your family or your significant other’s or starting ones for your kids to continue, the important thing to remember is that the emotions tied to each tradition is what helps make it one that lasts.

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Every time I make cookies for the neighborhood with my kiddos, I have flashbacks to the kitchen I grew up in and the neighbors I walked around and handed ours out to.

Each time I successfully get produce from my garden, my grandma’s “bless her little heart” is heard in my head.

When my kids are able to spend time with their cousins laughing and playing, I see the many moments I shared with my own cousins growing up creating that unbreakable bond. 

Traditions don’t need to be tied to a holiday (though they often are). They just need to create that connections to special memories that then get linked to NEW special memories so the cycle keeps turning.

What is a tradition you have in your family?

Remember, PAVE your way.

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