Vision Board

Vision Board

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Vision boards — have you heard of them??

Have you put one together?

What pictures help you visualize them as if you have them. 

You can imagine yourself living in that dream house or going on that vacation or driving that car. 

Whatever you may want to do, your mind can take over.

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And the mind is a powerful thing, let me tell you.

Once you envision it and start really seeing it as attainable and what you will be doing, your mind creates a way to make it happen.

 It may not be on the timeline you want it to be, but it gets to work to set you on the path to find a way.

Keeping it somewhere you see it regularly would be optimal. 

You want to remind yourself what you’re working towards.

I’ve done this for years without realizing what I was doing.

–> Paying off cars
–> Paying off student loans
–> Going on a Trafalgar tour around England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland

I did the work to make it happen, but my mind knew what I wanted and figured out a way to make it happen because I saw my goals every day on my vision board.

What would you put on your vision board? (If you have one, I’d love to see it if you don’t mind sharing.)

Remember, PAVE your way.

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