Take a SEAT

Take a SEAT

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Sometimes all you need to do is take a seat. 

What do I mean exactly?

Is your head spinning this week?

I hear you. But let’s take a little bit of control over that rather than letting it rule your day.

What should you do?

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Take a SEAT:

S – STOP what you’re doing and write a list, get it out of your head, breathe for a second.
E – EVALUATE the situation that is overwhelming you and ask yourself why and really understand the circumstances surrounding this emotional overload so you can also prioritize.
A – ACTION can now be taken slowly and with intention on the list you made and prioritized now that you are calmer and see what is causing the spiral.
T – TWEAK when necessary to hopefully be better at anticipating it before it happens next time.

If you can remind yourself to take a SEAT when that overwhelm starts to take hold, you’ll get better and better at recognizing it prior to losing yourself to it.

Which step do you think would help you the most??

Remember, PAVE your way.

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