One Step You Should Take Today

One Step You Should Take Today

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One step you should take today is to write out on a calendar or in a planner all of your personal and business commitments for the month. 

This includes:

🤓 Kids’ activities
🤓 Kids’ appointments
🤓 Your appointments
🤓 Significant other’s appointments
🤓 Scheduled calls
🤓 Client deadlines
🤓 Scheduled meetups
🤓 Events (lives, workshops, masterclasses)
🤓 School schedules

By taking the time (it never takes as long as you think it will) to do this, you instantly see where you may be filling up TOO much of your schedule, what you might’ve otherwise overlooked, or where you have availability (or space to enjoy).

I started by doing this weekly. It felt easier to me to write out my week than trying to tackle an entire month. Then, I tried a month and realized it wasn’t as daunting as I initially thought, and it really helped me accommodate other things or see when I could say yes or no to requests. 

From there, I got bold and moved into writing out an entire quarter. OooOoo-WEE! It allowed me to leave intentional spaces open for connection with my family, my friends, and myself.

Now, writing out the bones of a year sometimes takes less time than writing out my week used to take. Boy, does that make me giggle! 

Breaking it down into weeks still helps me juggle homeschooling, client tasks, and my own business elements into more manageable chunks, but that overall picture is the bee’s knees for dreaming, planning, and executing.

It may seem unnecessary or even a trivial step in the grand scheme of things, but getting those pieces out of your head into moveable items really helps you begin to visualize, create, and hone in on your overall goals much better.

 Give it a go, and let me know what you find as you do!

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