Why I Pay My Team Well (and why it’s good for my biz in the long run too!)

Why I Pay My Team Well (and why it’s good for my biz in the long run too!)

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Compensation is important. Here’s why I pay my team well (and why it’s good for my biz in the long run too!).

Money is always a hot topic. 

So long as it keeps lights on, food in bellies, and gas in the tanks, I don’t see it diminishing anytime soon.

Having been on the receiving end of feeling undervalued many a time over the years, I try to avoid that when I hire. I appreciate the hustle, trust me. 

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When I started, I gave discounts, breaks, “deals,” whatever I thought would make the sale as I thought I NEEDED any work and was happy to roll over to get the work. I’ve even had clients approach for special rates on tasks they deem “not as difficult.” 

Knowing what I pay for applications, tools, and coaches, I refuse to believe that the help I require is “too easy” to pay them well for the work they do, too. If I don’t have the time to do it myself, it’s an investment I’m making to continue to run my business smoothly.

If there’s someone in particular I want to work with, I find out their prices and I put that on my list so I know what I need to reach in order to use their services. That’s how I:

hired coaches

→ started working with an accountant

→ purchased any programs to use 

→ brought anyone on to my team 

This process allows everyone to feel valued, eliminate negotiating, honoring each party’s time and energy, and growing in a very authentic way that feels good to me. 

Each investment acts as a goal on my journey and when I’m able to check them off, I know I’m still headed in the direction I intended to be headed. A new milestone reached is supporting someone else while still building my business.

That’s not saying that once you reach the initial goal, that parameters haven’t changed – and adjustments may need to happen, but you’ll be that much closer to your goals and it is SO satisfying when you reach them with what I consider to be integrity and care.

And, as I grow, I provide raises to those who grow with me. It doesn’t remove tough decisions or hard times, but it does make the successes that much richer.

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