The #1 Q I Ask My Kids to Make Mothering Easier

The #1 Q I Ask My Kids to Make Mothering Easier

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Let me share with you the #1 Q I ask my kids to make mothering easier.

I used to assume that having a background in childcare, having been a nanny, and working around kids most of my life meant that I would know how to take care of my kiddos no matter what surfaced.

Talk about naive. Whew. I had no clue, huh?

Granted, it definitely means I had an idea of what to expect, but I still mostly had a daily reprieve back then.

One important lesson I’ve learned as a mom is that sometimes our kids need us to ask, “What do you need?”

I don’t always know right away.

My middle daughter is quite a beautifully emotion-led girl and happens to be quite the opposite of how I think and react. There are times I find myself at a bit of a loss with how to handle her responses to situations. My nature tells me to walk away, this is uncomfortable, she probably wants to be left alone. We all know what they say about assuming, so I started asking, “What do you need from me?” 

She’s a bright, capable little human and usually tells me something like a hug or some sort of comfort, but it works better for us because I’m not left like a deer in headlights or telling her to suck it up, buttercup and get over it, but I’m letting her be who she is while offering her whatever it is that I may be able to during her moments. 

Being a business-owning driven mom has its difficulties, but allowing them to navigate me so I can guide them to the best of my ability makes it allllll worth it.

I learn more through them for both business and life than I think I’ve learned over the course of the entire rest of my life before them.

I put together these 5 Steps to Managing a Business AND Kids learned along my journey just for you:

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