Keep It Simple Sister

Keep It Simple Sister

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You’ve heard KISS before, but this is my version: Keep It Simple Sister.

Sometimes to make things simpler, you have to take a moment to sit in the complexities first. 

By that, I simply mean you have to put your standard operating procedures (SOP’s) in place to help streamline processes. 

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Honestly, this fits both with mom-life in general and entrepreneurial life.  

An SOP provides step-by-step instructions on how you do a task. 

What this does is allow you to jog your memory when you are in the throes of things and need to quickly accomplish a task OR to hand it off to someone without having to “teach” them every detail. You’re basically handing them a silver platter and giving them a leg up to exceeding your expectations.   

So, while it may seem “busier” at the forefront of setting up all those systems, once you have them in place, you are able to truuullllyyyy bask in the glory of simplifying your life to almost run itself (wouldn’t that be nice??).   

What is a system you have in place that makes your life/business simpler? 

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