Sometimes I Lose My Patience

Sometimes I Lose My Patience

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Imma start by saying I’m a pretty patient person. And try really hard to be understanding. 

But kids coming at you from three different directions with three different personalities and knowing which buttons to press added to the daily stresses sometimes get the best of me.

I have all the tools to keep my cool, and still sometimes I lose my patience.

We do better, we try harder, and we watch for the triggers… but life also happens.

So, I apologize, reflect, and let them know I love them, and sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the things. 

You know what? When they lose it, they know that while we all know it’s unacceptable behavior, it happens, it’s safe, and we will talk about how we might help them not get to that level next time. 

Mommy makes mistakes and is learning just as they are too. 

My youngest had a fit of epic proportions the other night because sister used the charger she wanted, and it was her fault her kindle was going to die because she didn’t like the color of the other charger and mommy said she chose not to plug it in so now it’s mommy’s fault too and she doesn’t like this family anymore and, and, and… 

When I told her I love her, she screamed No, No, No because I was not participating in her anger the way she expected. Being met with love and understanding was NOT helping her maintain her frustration.

And yet, we moved forward, she showered and proceeded to give hugs to everyone and say how much she loves us and was sorry for her behavior. She also ended up plugging her kindle into the pink charger, but that’s not the point.

Being able to make mistakes, learn from them, be guided through them, and not be shamed for going through the experience is wonderful. 

The same could be said for business. We make mistakes, we learn from them, we find guidance to get through some of them, and we should not be shamed for going through the experience.

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