“Unpopular Opinion” or “Unique Perspective”??

“Unpopular Opinion” or “Unique Perspective”??

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“Unpopular Opinion” or “Unique Perspective”??

When you share your “Unpopular Opinion,” you are essentially helping others be open to receiving information that differs from theirs.
So many areas of life have shades and hues rather than being black or white, cut or dry.
There are varying degrees.
You can certainly “agree to disagree” but also just be willing to follow a path to a new, unique perspective you hadn’t thought of before.
Our experiences often lead us to our beliefs, our values, our… everything.
Allow someone else’s experiences to be heard and recognize there is truth to that as well (as right or wrong as it may be to you 😏 😉 ).
Challenging your opinions can be just that, a challenge… but it often guides you to a path of growth that I’ve found only grows and grows and grows…
What is something you recently learned that made you stop and go, “hmmm?”
**Thanks to Holly Crawshaw for the inspiration to create a post.**

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