Not Just Financial ROI

Not Just Financial ROI

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When running, building, and growing your business, you invest with expectations. It’s not just financial ROI that you should pay attention to, though.

Not every result is going to be financial.

Hear me out.

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I have invested in coaches for years now. While I have grown in my income, there have been many times that the personal development and growth in myself and my capabilities have been a MUCH higher return on my investment (ROI) than the increase in cash flow.

Honestly, I’ve over 10x my income (I started making $300 a month very enthusiastically).

But being able to figure out what I want from my business, what I enjoy doing, how to set (and keep) boundaries, and really owning a leadership role… and discovering my zone has been the biggest part of the journey.

A bonus has been helping other mamas and business owners throughout that path.

If I went into each investment with the goal being solely to make more money, I likely wouldn’t have signed on 90% of those dotted lines.

Here’s your reminder that growth WILL give you results, but they’re not always instantaneous and they’re not always financial first and foremost.

PAVE Your Way.

What was the last investment you made for yourself or your business??

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