Exceeded All Expectations

Exceeded All Expectations

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To say the Ed Sheeran concert I attended blew my mind and exceeded all expectations would be an understatement. 

For my drive, Sirius announced a limited-time Ed Sheeran channel launching at the time (turned out it wasn’t even a full week-long channel, so perfect timing, amiright?).

Even if you’re not a fan of this incredibly talented artist, you’ve got to admit that record-breaking ticket sales of 85,000 for Denver, CO (and he had a show the next night as well) is pretty amazing.

Beyond that, here are a few things I took away from this core memory experience:

Being humble (and still celebratory) is SUCH an underrated characteristic.

Someone who has been performing and sharing his music for 13 years STILL remembers what it felt like to do a show in an empty room. Remembering that feeling while playing in front of multiple thousands of people and working with incredible people from Beyoncé to Andre Bocelli across multiple genres, to me, shows the best heart.

Put thought into details but don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Ed wore a Denver shirt, changed into a Denver Broncos jersey for the encore, had a 360-degree revolving stage, many screens for people to enjoy, fire and fireworks, and on the main monitor, it felt like each song was its own live music video but one piece never took the focus off the most important element – his music. They only amplified, never distracted from, the experience. He was there for each and every individual among those 85,0000.

Roll with the punches and keep your eye on the prize.

There was a giant thunderstorm that rolled through that postponed the start by nearly 3 hours. No one that I saw got upset, we all rallied to pass the time, and at one point, a notice came up on the screen from Ed saying he was there, thanking everyone for patience, and he couldn’t wait to come out and get the show started. The countdown was palpable when he was able to begin, and he made a few mentions of how great it was that we all waited (even noted an apology for any young kids in the crowd who were up later than usual).

Gratitude is a powerful tool.

As I mentioned, he shared via a note on a screen and reiterated when he was able to start how thankful he was we all were patient and waited for the storm to pass so it was safe to start. He graciously shared the stage with his band and a fiddle player, he talked about how he never dreamed this was possible as he only wanted to play in London when he was younger (far surpassed), plus interacted with the crowd, so it was a performance WITH us instead of TO us. For those few hours, we were part of his world rather than just spectators.

Sincere passion, kindness, and enjoyment can be felt and shared largely.

Ed Sheeran is simply a vessel for his music. You can see it seep from his pores, and he says he has no hobbies – he is in the studio, or touring, or collaborating, or writing. In one form or another, music seeks its way from his soul. But he also loves it and is SO good at every part of it. Witnessing him build a song from his loop pedals makes you feel like you might fly from the excitement and anticipation, not knowing exactly what piece comes next or what he’ll add or change. 85,000 people came together for a few hours to all delight, mourn, celebrate, sing, dance, and revel in what Ed’s been able to create for over the last nearly decade and a half.

Whether you care for his music or not, you must have an appreciation for what he accomplishes through a musical outlet. You can take notes from this and apply it to your business, life, or both.  Being able to be: humble, detail-oriented, grateful, passionate, and unwavering no matter the situation, can serve you well along your own journey And, please, take those lessons and do with them as you will in your life, in your business, or both.

I know it’s something I will never forget.

Remember, PAVE your way.

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