5 Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Choices

5 Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Choices

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Since I’m watching my last baby reach milestones and grow way too quickly, I figured this would be a great choice of topic. Halloween is right around the corner (happy dance!). As I’ve mentioned, I LOVE the holidays and celebrations.

Part of the festivities = finding the right costume. We have chosen some doozies in the past few years and I can’t wait to wear the ones we picked this year. My kids get to help choose, but really don’t have much say in what our ensembles will be in the end.

Last year I let them have a bit more freedom and didn’t go as one big cohesive group. This year, however, I vetoed that as it’s Octavia’s first Halloween and I wanted one more super fun family unit idea before I get little influence anymore.

With that, let me influence your decisions a little with 5 of my favorite adorable baby Halloween costumes (it is NOT easy to narrow it down to five, I’ll have you know):

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Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this would make an incredible twin combination? One year, when we went to a downtown trick or treating event, I saw a baby dressed as a lamb and it stuck with me. Was THE softest material and such a sweet, sweet outfit. My little lady is going to be the Cowardly Lion this year from The Wizard of Oz, so I had to include that one. AND, while I’m in the animal realm, I’ll include skunk because when you see the crawling kids with that tail and white streak, you can’t help but giggle. Plus, come on, sometimes the stink fits.


For those big enough to be in a carrier, this is an amazing way to disguise your carrier and still be comfortable while trick or treating. A friend of mine did this one year — clever, cute, and memorable! She was the movie attendant, the carrier was the bucket, and her kiddo the popcorn.


Adorable Baby Halloween Costume

Baby Halloween Costume

Okay, so my son was obsessed with rhinos when he was little. We couldn’t find a very cute rhino costume and opted for a triceratops instead. He was convinced thanks to the horn, and I was able to love on how flipping cute he was running around in that get-up. When we did a family circus theme, my son was the elephant and I can honestly say it was one of my absolutely favorite costumes of all time. The giant ears, his big ol’ toddler cheeks, and the trunk were just too much cute in one tiny package. We also gave him circus peanuts to eat; it was perfect. Give one of those a go!


I could have kept going with animal choices, but I figured branching out would probably be best. There are some seriously amazing outfits donning capes that make for some super babies. Get it? I feel like a baby Thor would be hilariously cute.

Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Choices


Come on, this had to make the list. A little dude from back when I worked in daycares went as a garden gnome and he was fabulous. I definitely remember the costume and feel like he was probably pretty warm that night in our Wyoming winters. Plus, with Sherlock Gnomes being a bit hit recently, the costume still would be fairly recognizable.

Hopefully, you enjoyed that list as much as I did in creating it. As you probably noticed, I cheated a little and combined a few so that I stuck to my 5 baby Halloween costume favorites, but shhhh. I won’t tell if you don’t. If you have any stunning baby costumes, please feel free to share them (you’ll make my day, really!). 

Baby Halloween Costume Choices

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5 Themed Costume Ideas Your Family Will Love

5 Themed Costume Ideas Your Family Will Love

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I LOVE the holidays. Any kind, really. Any cause for celebration and I am all over that. Tie a ribbon around a pencil, I am done. Haha Not really, I’m terrible at tying ribbons but give me a gift bag and I will run wild.

Halloween Themed Costume Ideas

Dressing up for Halloween never lost its appeal for me, either. If I have the opportunity, I find a pirate outfit or a minion and roll with it for work, school, or weekend growing up and now. Growing into a family meant instant themed costumes. Um, yes, please!

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Enjoy these 5 themed costume ideas your family will love (if you don’t, we can’t be friends haha):


Wizard of Oz

Dorothy, Toto, and even The Yellow Brick Road itself are options with this amazing theme. Plus, if you haven’t introduced this fabulous classic to your children yet, may I recommend a before-bed reading and movie night? We chose this theme this year and I am sooo excited to get everyone dolled up; my husband is the Tin Man, our son is the Scarecrow, our oldest daughter is Dorothy, our newest is the Lion, and I am the good ol’ Wicked Witch. “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”

Despicable Me

If you didn’t fall in love with Agnes, Minions, and all things despicable, you’re crazy. “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” I feel like we all re-fell in love with unicorns thanks to Agnes. Not only are there great family options here, but boys and girls alike should be pretty content with the decision to don a Despicable Me theme (whether you choose movie one, two, or three).


I feel like this theme will be a huge hit this year. As a family, who doesn’t want to be superheroes? And these guys are both. I mean, you could go the traditional Justice League or Avengers route, but the cartoon superheroes appeal to the younger crowd, I think. Violet, Jack-Jack, and Dash have some stellar abilities; we nearly settled on this theme ourselves.


By far one of my favorite family themes. And, with Octavia filling a lion role this year, we could have done this again. However, we decided a new setting was in order. When we donned these outfits, we were only a family of three and chose the ringmaster, a clown, and an elephant. Let me tell you, our son was THE cutest elephant you’d ever seen. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

Hotel Transylvania

With the third movie in this series making its debut, this theme will likely be wildly popular. Rightfully so. Dracula, Mavis, babies, Frankenstein… possibilities galore. Tell me you haven’t rolled this one around in your noggin? The costumes would be amazing and fun.

These Halloween themed costume ideas would look incredible (see what I did there?) and be winners for any family looking to coordinate. Many more come to mind. What have you decided on? If you have a younger family and still need help picking, my list is especially helpful!

Happy hunting and dressing up!!

5 themed costume ideas your family will love

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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Show Him the Love

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Show Him the Love

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“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” ~ Clarence Budington Kelland

Being a father presents many challenges and many rewards, as well. Heck, being a parent is no easy task. You will be met head on at times. A battle of will can almost be counted on at least a handful of times throughout any given week. BUT the struggles get buried under the joys of seeing your influence create a wonderful human being (or a few wonderful human beings).

In our household, the fatherly role is played by someone who tends to have much more fun, spontaneous moments than mom. He brings the laughter; his split second decisions that prevent or stop a meltdown and move into happy memories make a difference. The ability to dissuade a situation does not get overlooked (at least not by me).

With that, here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas that I know my guy would enjoy or we have done (though he says he doesn’t want anything):

  1. A new tattoo – My hubby has been wanting to add to his repertoire now that we have two new littles. In fact, he wanted to add one when we had our first daughter but, 3 years later, I finally said think of something and go for it! Now that we have completed our family with the arrival of the littlest in April, I figure he can think of a way to incorporate the 3 kids and call it good for a while.
  2. A homemade gift – While it may not appear to be as precious as a macaroni necklace is for moms, dads treasure those little heartfelt gifts, too. We did baseballs with handprints on them one year and we still have them displayed. Cute, shows effort, and fun — plus our son had just started t-ball, so it held a special meaning. I also roll t-shirts, coffee mugs, pint glasses, etc in this group (you know, the ones that say something like Super Dad or Always Her Hero).
  3. Man Crates – I seriously love this website. I tend to go with these for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and any celebration where I have a hard time thinking of a gift he hasn’t already bought himself. Not only are the gifts usually amazingly perfect, but they can be fun, and the gift card option has some super funny and fantastic automated fill in choices. Really, one of my top gift choices of all time.
  4. Gift card – Always a winner, this selection can be for anything so he can pick and choose his own present. Sometimes we get a card for his favorite eatery and sometimes we get one to a place like Cabela’s. You can’t really go wrong here.
  5. Item for the garage/shop – Once in a while, he’ll drop a hint of a tool he would like or needs. Other times I think, he needs to hang this up, so we got him a hammer coat hook. We just moved last year, so we had gotten him welcome mats for the garage – one in the shape of a toolbox and one that just looked really cool with a tire and such on it.

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The point with Father’s Day is to highlight the fact that you appreciate what he does year round and show that you notice all the little things. A little token can go a long way. And making sure your dad is not taken for granted. Remember, these are just a few suggestions, but there are many many more (with pricing ranging from zero dollars to quite a few pennies). Just show that you care, you see what he does, and you appreciate the effort put in each day.

Father's Day Gift

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Mother’s Day Special: Simple Gifts Make the Difference

Mother’s Day Special: Simple Gifts Make the Difference

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“The most simple things can bring the most happiness.” ~ Izabella Scorupco

Simple Gifts Mother's Day

A mother’s love is simple. Therefore, simple things fill up our tanks, as well.

Mother's Day: Special Gifts

Mother’s day is around the bend, and some still need to scramble to find the perfect gift. However, I want to remind you not to over-complicate the task.

Most mothers are easy to please. An elaborate present is not always necessary.

Mother's Special Gifts

Check out some of these simple gifts for ideas:

  1. Handprint flower pot: Do just a hand with a cute saying or make something cute like a handprint butterfly. This is something a mom can cherish and use forever.
  2. Family photo session: If you know someone who takes great photos, that can make this a much more affordable gift, too. But mamas love capturing their heart and soul in an image of overall happiness for a moment.
  3. Sleeping in: Even if she’s just lounging in her bed and reading or actually does sleep in, this gift often eludes moms and would be treasured dearly. Add breakfast in bed and you’d make her whole year.
  4. Make her favorite treat: I love chocolate chip cookies and if my family put the effort into making me chocolate chip cookies, I would probably melt into a puddle of adoration. Something that shows they pay attention and can reciprocate a bit of the effort I put into days for them.

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Mother's Day Special Simple GiftsThese definitely barely touch the tip of the simple gifts iceberg, but they provide a great example of making the present meaningful. That is the key. Whatever you choose to do and give, make sure it holds meaning and thoughtfulness. If you do that, then her mother’s day will surely be special and appreciated fully.

Take the ideas and run with them. Bring mom the happiness on Mother’s Day that she tries to bring to everyone every single day.

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Easter Family Celebrations and Fun

Easter Family Celebrations and Fun

Affiliate Link BannerWhether you focus on the religious aspect or simply the family time together, Easter holds plenty of greatness. I personally teach my children a little bit about the religious side, but tend to lean heavily towards the activities we do together.

Easter Dash

Easter Dash

Nearly every year since I began dating my now husband, we have gone to my mother in law’s Easter Dash celebration. It’s such a fun event where they set up candy and toys in sections in the gym, split the kids by ages, count down, and let them go for the treasures.

Easter Bunny

Once they complete that, they line up for pictures with the Easter bunny. Then, we make our ways to the cafeteria and have pizza, juice or water, usually grapes, and a cookie. Sometimes they do a jelly bean guessing contest, as well.

Some years my husband cannot make it due to work, but the experience has become a bit of a tradition in our household. I might love it more than the kids. But it’s fun to watch the joy when they dash and have a special day together. –Side note… with my baby brain and busy running around these past few weeks, I managed forget where it was located this year and missed it. I felt horrible, but there’s always next year!–


Easter Egg Dying/Hunting

Easter Egg Dying

I also love doing the Easter egg dying and hiding and hunting. There are some pretty neat ways to go about this these days and we’ve tried a few different options. We always pick out a little pack and then choose either a do it yourself option or just a really neat one like the ones you plop in and can shake that even little tinies can do.

The rice with food coloring was neat. We tried shaving cream and also the Kool-aid packets. Some are more vibrant than others, but the kids tend to love them no matter what. The stamp markers were a favorite for my daughter. My son seems to be pretty easy to please, but he’s learning about writing on them with wax for designs and such now.

Easter Egg Dying 2

Easter Magic

For hiding, we love doing some easy and some harder for the different ages in our house. Seriously such a fun part of parenting.

Another tradition we started a couple of years ago is “planting” jelly beans and seeing them magically grow into suckers overnight. The kids light up and are amazed, but love the transformation. Who doesn’t love a bit of magic?

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Whatever it is you choose to do this Easter, soak up the love and bask in the laughter. I’d love to hear your stories, so feel free to share!

Easter Celebrations Family and Fun

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Valentine’s Day Project: Painting Hearts

Valentine’s Day Project: Painting Hearts

Affiliate Link BannerMy little lady and I decided before we ran off to brother’s school party, we needed to do our own Valentine’s Day project. So that’s just what we did. I had been on the lookout for a fun, yet easy enough for her to do by herself art activity. After scouring both Facebook and Pinterest, I had finally found one I saved weeks prior to the big day.

When the day finally came, it seems I always underestimate how quickly a day can escape me. Between client work, chauffeuring my son to and from school, the added classroom party to attend, lunch to make, plus any household chores I choose to try to accomplish… oh, and the dogs, it all adds up. Plus, it was the big dog’s surgery day (this is best kept for a blog of its own another day). Therefore, the day went by much faster than anticipated.


BUT, as most of us moms manage, I finished up the big things before lunch, so after lunch, we got out our supplies and prepared for a fun-filled art-splosion before we had to rush to the next scheduled event. Guess who loves painting? A little 3-year-old reddish blonde gal.

The task decided upon was a cool little spotted picture with a white heart in the middle. Sounds interesting when trying to describe it, but once the finished product is revealed, a lightbulb will go off.

The Set Up

Begin Painting Valentine's Day Project Valentine's Day Project Piecing Together

While I love these projects, I don’t always have the supplies listed. Improvisation has become my best friend. I had no clothespins, so I used what we had available (I was going to use those office clips, to be honest with you, but turns out I had some of those pants clips from hangers in a baggy in our art supplies baskets, so score!). Since I also did not read through any of the directions of the link I found, I just watched the video, I knew I needed to attach the cut out heart onto the white paper so it didn’t move around during the blotting process. I just took a piece of scotch tape and made it double sided. BAM! Easy to remove and in place for working.

Process Valentine's Day Process

My daughter helped put all the cotton balls onto the clips, then we picked 4 colors from light pink to dark red (the original project only had 3, but we made the choice to be overachievers). Then, I rolled up her sleeves.

Ready, Set, Paint!

Almost done Valentine's Day Project

Honestly, I have the easiest 3-year-old ever. I’m grateful for this. I told her to use one cotton ball per color, and have at it. She let me help a little if she missed a spot around the heart (so that we could see it definitively), but she took it upon herself to decide which color went where and how much. She had so much fun, she wants to do it again soon. I think we might repeat the process for St. Patty’s day with greens and a shamrock in the middle-ish of the paper. What a super simple, clean (took one wipe to clean up the paint on the table), and entertaining craft.

She talked to me the entire time she painted, told me which colors she was using, called the dark red color black at first until she painted with it and was incredibly surprised that it really, truly was just a dark red shade. We made up fun words to say while she “plopped” the paper with her handy makeshift paint brushes and she was very proud of her finished product. Currently, it hangs on our pantry door so she can admire her work every day.

Heart Valentine's Day Project

My Takeaway

I always love doing arts and crafts. The innovation, the fact that you never really know what it will look like until you are finished, the time spent together, watching their minds work, and just the entire process hits me in my heart and makes me happy.

But here are some tips:

  1. Don’t overcomplicate it — I took what we had, made it simple, and it only lasted about 30-45 minutes from start to finish. But she loved every bit of that time.
  2. It doesn’t have to be perfect — I was a perfectionist and this took me a bit of time to overcome. I used to try to control every aspect of art projects when my son was little, but then it became more of a chore and neither one of us enjoyed it as fully as we could have. He tends to be a perfectionist himself now, as well, and very hard on himself. Oops.
  3. Have fun! — This goes without saying and may seem obvious, but along with 1 and 2, it remains important. Let go of everything going on in your day for a few minutes, lose yourself to the process, and just enjoy the fleeting moments with your little. I just watch, listen, learn, and help when needed. I choose to take it as a break for me to breathe.

Happy creating and feel free to share with me any arts and crafts you and your little did this Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Valentine's Day Project: Painting Hearts