5 Lessons I Learned When I Reached Consistent $5k Months

5 Lessons I Learned When I Reached Consistent $5k Months

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I fondly remember how happy I was making $300 a month in my business when I started out. 

I also remember how impossible it felt to get beyond $1k.

But ten years of hard work, dedication, trial and error, and switching gears here and there… I reached $5k months consistently. 

Here are 5 lessons I learned when I reached consistent $5k months:

Set, maintain, and check your boundaries.

I always thought I had fine boundaries. But I was a people-pleaser, so once I started REALLY looking at things, honestly, no, ma’am. I stunk at it. Any that I did “set” were broken almost always broken or crossed because of me, too. It’s me; I’m the problem. That glimpse allowed me to start taking it seriously and working on it regularly. If things feel like they’re becoming overwhelming, it’s likely because I’ve let my boundaries slip and need to replace them again.

Selling services for pennies is JUST as difficult as selling them for dollars.

Look, there was a time I didn’t buy into this statement, BUT it is true. It takes time, effort, and alignment to make it happen—the right clients, the right delivery, etc. I will also say selling for pennies sometimes gives you the lessons and experience to make you confident enough to share the results you provide to then sell for dollars.

Mindset matters.

There’s no doubt that how you think affects your actions. The narrative you feed yourself every day will impact all other pieces. Will you always be happy-go-lucky? No, of course not. But you need to learn to acknowledge and release or reframe your thoughts so you can move forward… inching ever closer to your goals.

Integrity is worth the effort.

Never underestimate the power of keeping your word. If you say you will do something, it’s simple. Do it. Things happen and come up, of course, but be honest about it and don’t promise things without knowing you can deliver on said promise. I rarely even promise my kids anything because if I say it’s happening, I’m doing everything in my power to keep that promise. And, if possible, I’ll try to exceed the expectations on some aspect of what I crossed my heart about.

Being able to breathe and release becomes essential.

As mentioned in point #3, it’s important to feel your feelings and let them go. Elsa would be so proud. While I’m a firm believer that business IS personal; that doesn’t mean feedback is to be taken personally. As you process information and improve on your ability to take it in, filter it, and release some of the emotion shrouding it, you will see growth follow.

Which do you identify most with in this list or most need to work on?

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