The Mompreneur Checklist: 5 Must-Have Items

The Mompreneur Checklist: 5 Must-Have Items

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I’ve not met many moms or business owners who don’t like a good list. A checkable one is the icing on the cake.

Let me share with you the mompreneur checklist: 5 must-have items, according to yours truly, that I’ve found over the last decade of juggling a business and motherhood.

1) Planner

Be it digital or paper (I love me some paper planners), this has been like the heart of everything for me. Organizing pieces, reminding me of things I’d otherwise forget, and helping me move things along more efficiently.

2) Village

Whatever support system you surround yourself with, make sure it’s a positive influence. Everyone needs some sort of guidance, lifting, and community. The beauty is you get to build your village as you see fit.

3) Routines

Even a loose schedule can be extremely helpful. It allows your kids to understand your availability and you to know different windows for your business. Shifts will need to be made, but adjusting will get easier and easier.

4) FUN

In terms of business items (pretty pens, affirmation cards, colorful sticky notes, or a planner with motivational sayings) or personal and family accessories. If you like shirts with patterns or colors or sparkles, go for it! Allowing yourself to find enjoyment in all areas of your life will lead to better results. No one said business (or motherhood) had to be boring or dull!


Each day requires some grace as you learn and grow along with your children (and your business). Allow those missteps, reflections, and beautiful memories that make you human to increase the bond and connection between you all. Journal if you like, meditate if it’s on your heart, and tap into tools like the Gift Yourself GRACE program when needed.

You CAN be a great mom and a BOSS business owner. And you’re not alone while you traverse it all. Which one stands out the most to you today?

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