Simple Steps for BIG Business Impact

Simple Steps for BIG Business Impact

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Use these simple steps for BIG business impact.

53% increase.

That’s what my accountant said when I met with her about my business reports for 2023.
I saw the actual numbers, but that percentage made it sink in.
Even after a decade in the online space, I still sometimes don’t feel like I have it figured out. BUT these regular reflections and reference points let me know I’m taking (some of) the right steps.
Here are 3 things that made a big difference in my business revenue:


As a service provider and recovering people pleaser, boundaries have made growth possible. Not just setting them, but checking on them to make sure they are still in place. At times, you may even have to adjust them. It’s easy to cross them, especially your own. When I sense myself getting super stressed or snippy, there’s usually a boundary line that’s been smudged or dotted somewhere.


Oo oo ooooo, I often hear “be authentic,” “speak your mind,” and other such lines, but really it’s speaking with conviction. Like I said before, I still don’t always feel like I have it figured out. BUT I’ve learned a lot in the past decade, and those skills are valuable for those who haven’t had the experiences yet. Always be open to learning, but share your knowledge as it is. Trepidation can be felt, speak from what you know.


There’s simply no replacement for integrity in what you do. Your reputation is built on your actions. Follow through and do what you say because actions always speak louder than words. That’s not saying mistakes won’t happen; we’re human. What I mean is being open, honest, and aligned in how you do what you do. It makes a lasting impact.
What area could you work on in your business (and as a mom!)?

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The Many Ways to Say No

The Many Ways to Say No

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It brings me a bit of joy to share the many ways to say NO here.

Being caretakers and, in most cases, people pleasers means that “No” in any way, shape, or form is likely not a part of our vocabulary… or it’s a very soft and pliable “No.”