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“Balance” means a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

The problem is “correct proportions” is such a relative term. Equal is also something I have an issue with because when we’re trying daily to find “balance” between work and life, there’s no way it’ll ever be exactly equal.
Yes, you can feel good about where you’re at and you can even enjoy both. However, the minute something comes up to disrupt that, you’re left reeling, feeling guilty, or being so hard on yourself.
I want to challenge the term balance and shift that into the idea of a center (of balance if you still need that to be part of the phrasing… but really like a center of gravity).

A center can move and shift.

So, you may be in balance, but you may be heavier in work one day and heavier in family matters another day.
That imbalance to create “balance” needs to be more accepted and viewed as okay. It’s rarely, if ever, going to be 50-50.
A key component is making sure you’re fulfilled in how the imbalance is and that it works for you. Otherwise, that’s when the imbalance starts to become less tolerable or “worth it” so-to-speak.
It’s all about creating harmony at the end of the day.
How do you feel about your center?

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