Affiliate - When it's Time to Add a Team Member

Sing it with me! — Breaking up is hard to do (with clients).

Just like a dream client, a client relationship that needs to be terminated is like this: When you know, you know.

There are a few reasons to break up with a client, but you can still go through a nice little process.

Let me share that with you…

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You’re not a good fit to work together. No harm. No foul. Even if you thought you would be and found out after beginning, you can say so and go your separate ways. It’s not you, it’s us. Haha

It can be a mutual decision. You may respect each other and still send each other referrals, etc. The scope of work may be different than suspected,., or the needs may shift once you’re in the thick of things. Being open and honest can help tremendously.

End on as positive of a note as possible. Even if it was a pain in the butt client, you can still receive a testimonial or referrals from them. No need to burn bridges simply because the working relationship didn’t pan out according to plan.

Have you had an experience with this recently??

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