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Blowing off steam before you overheat or explode is vital.

In business and in life, it’s important to release that tension before it becomes a bigger issue or it seeps out in unintentional ways.

Stress is inevitable, but how we handle it is the game changer.

One of my favorite phrases you should know by now is: Some days are better than others.

Sometimes you’ll handle it better than others times. That’s a-okay.

The big takeaway is that whatever is bogging you down, weighing on your mind, and building pressure has a release valve before the top pops off.

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Here’s your reminder that it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, expensive, or extravagant… it just needs to be effective.

Coloring, dancing, going for a walk around the block or even the yard, listening to music, writing, drawing, reading, watching an episode of your show, riding your bike… Whatever the case may be. 

Try to recognize when you’re reaching your boiling point before it bubbles over, and take a moment to decompress a bit.

How do you blow off steam during tense or stressful times?

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Blowing Off Steam


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