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When you are writing blogs, there are definitely some guidelines you can follow to ensure your searchability and allow the reader to have a great experience of value (to make them come back again and again). Let me share with you the blog breakdown: best habits here.

Some of those are as follows:


A quick google search to help you identify keywords to use and if it’s a popular searchable title is good to know. There are also websites and such like SEM rush that are helpful in identifying good keywords to use (there are also short-tail and long-tail keywords to keep in mind for specificity in searching).


You want to fill your blog with value, not just fluff. That way you capture your audience with quality information. Remember that lists or steps (something they can easily implement and remember) tend to be content most like to consume. And including your keyword within the body of your text at least 3 times will help it be more recognized and improve search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.


When you include images or ads, you need to format it appropriately so as not to hurt the consumption and readability, also ensure the sizing isn’t too large so you don’t hurt the page load time, and add alt descriptions to really punch the search engine optimization up a notch.

What is the biggest aha moment for you around writing blogs??

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Blog Breakdown: Best Habits


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