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A recent conversation led to the point of being accessible.

I enjoy being around my kiddos… most of the time. 😆🙃
One of the reasons I enjoy doing what I do is because of my ability to be accessible to my friends, my family, my clients…

While I was writing promos the other day, I was able to:

  • soak up the sound of my son giggling (not always common these days) in the bathroom about his water pik as he cleaned his braces
  • watch my youngest practice her make-up skills and decide what she likes (AND OMG be assaulted by her figuring out WHY I say a little bit goes a long way when she decided no less than a million sprays of perfume was needed in her room the other night)
  • witness my middle figure out her style as she tried clothing combinations and talks through her thought process on why it definitely looks good
While it may seem insignificant, they don’t have to be “with” me to know I’m here should they need anything and they have the freedom to become who they want to become with the support they may need along the way.
Every time I have ever considered returning to a traditional position, a moment in time happens where my accessibility to witness and participate in my childrens’ lives quickly puts that consideration to rest.
Have you wondered how to continue growing your business while maintaining your accessibility?

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