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You want that great relationship with those that mean something to you. What actions help you in becoming closer with your family?

Making that connection with those that are important to you doesn’t need to be difficult.

A little time, undivided attention, and showing interest is all that are needed.

Simple moments can bring you closer — even 15 minutes here and there makes a big impact.

If you spend one meal together without electronics, for instance, that allows you to ask each other about the day, what’s upcoming and exciting, anything concerning that has been happening, etc. You get to familiarize yourself with each other’s lives, likes, dislikes, this, that, and the other thing. Share a few laughs, give some advice, or just be an ear.

Once a week, we try to have a movie night together to just enjoy the company of one another.

Just being around each other allows opportunities to open up, and share knowledge, experiences, and wisdom.

And, showing interest in topics that may not be interesting to you but are to those important to you. I have never been much of a video game girl, but my son could talk about his games for days. So, when he’s excited about something, I’m excited and will ask him about it.

How are you going to commit to making that bond stronger this week?

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Becoming Closer with Your Family


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