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In business (and life), it’s important to be authentic, make connections, and build a foundation for yourself on values.

When you show your true colors and connect with others in a very real way, you draw in those who become invested in YOU and, therefore, what you have to offer.

You also filter out those who do not resonate with you or identify with your personality and delivery methods.

THAT is something that should be celebrated.

Your business isn’t for EVERY single person on the planet and their pets. What it is for is those it will help (and while it may be a broad spectrum of clients, it’s still not going to be everyone in existence).

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Something I’ve discovered — if you don’t know who your “ideal client” is as many refer to it, that’s okay! What?!

Yes, seriously. As you show up authentically, as you build those connections, as you create those networks, you’ll either start to see a pattern and notice your market OR it’ll likely naturally start to happen.

So, don’t try to be who you think others want to see or who you think will “sell” the most. Simply be you and that light will guide the right people to you as you do the work to build and grow!

What is something you *thought* you needed to do in your business that you’ve found you either don’t or do a different way to work better for you?

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