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April showers bring May flowers. So we couldn’t very well do a baby shower in March, right?

Plus, with this being our third (and last) little blessing, we thought something more like a luncheon and get-together with our friends and family (guys and gals alike) would be much more enjoyable. We don’t need much this go-round. Therefore, we didn’t need “showered” with gifts.

Babyq Baby Shower

Baby Registry

That being said, I still took the liberty of making a baby registry. Why not? Amazon has a pretty great deal for a discount of 15% on certain items in your registry 60 days from your due date, too, soooo it’s a good incentive.

I just made sure I included items like a teething necklace, temp tracker (they’re like stickers rather than a thermometer), breast pump parts and accessories, diapers, wipes, and a baby bath. Items we either run out of, got rid of, or think would be useful.

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What did you have on your list you think would be a necessity??

BabyQ: Baby Shower

My sister came up with the idea of having a babyq. Rather than calling it a BBQ. And I love a good pun, so I chuckled and was sold instantly. I suppose you could even theme it out if you wanted to go that far. Are we? Nope! Ha.

BabyQ Baby Shower 2

But I’m seriously looking forward to it. A day of laughter, food, and my favorite people to celebrate the fact that the new little will be arriving soon. You can’t beat that.

My Tips for a Banging Babyq:

  • Babyq Baby Shower 3Make sure you make it easy on yourself. Chances are you’re at least 35 weeks pregnant at this point (I’ll be 36) and the last thing I want is to slave away cooking or cleaning. So the menu are burgers, hot dogs, chips, a fruit and veggie tray, my mom will make potato salad as I requested, my mother in law will make broccoli salad as my husband requested, and we’ll have a cookie platter. Bam, what? (If any of your kids watch Liv and Maddie, you know this reference.)
  • Decorate or don’t, either way will be fun. Honestly, since this stands in the nontraditional line, you can make it even easier on yourself with no decorations like a housewarming party. However, if you love developing the theme, planning how it all fits together, and creating that atmosphere, then by all means! As long as you enjoy it and don’t stress.
  • Revel in company. Sometimes your hormones have you all sorts of crazy at this stage. Take a breath, see who all came to mark the occasion, and let the joy commence. You’ll have a couple of weeks to let the hormones get the best of you yet, so just have a good time with everyone!

I did traditional showers with my other two, but would love to hear about yours!!

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BabyQ: Baby Shower with a Twist

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