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Raving about my guest poster today comes easily. Susie is an amazing business woman and, upon visiting her website, incredible mom and wife to boot. She shines a light on autism for those of us who have no first-hand experience in addition to those who may share her perspective. Please feel free to comment, share your stories, and enjoy her piece today…

Autism – The Hardships Parents Face


There are so many things on the internet today about autism and parents always get so frustrated and overwhelmed. When my son was diagnosed with autism, I looked on the internet for stories and causes, etc. But the truth is that there wasn’t much information besides the basic traditional stuff.

There wasn’t any parent feedback or feelings. There wasn’t anything about how to REALLY cope with how a parent feels when they get this news. Parents are expected to jump right back up and deal with it, but why can’t we cope? Why don’t other parents understand? Why don’t we share our stories and really feel for them?

No one could really listen or understand for a long time because this was all new to us. We were all in denial and, once we REALLY got the right tools to help us, we were able to adjust and move forward.

Here are some tips on how to cope and deal when you first receive this information:

1- Cry: It is all you will do for a while and then some. This never goes away as a parent. You cry when you are mad or frustrated. You cry when you see another kid doing what your kid can’t. Most of all, you cry out of happiness once your child accomplished a small task! Let it all out.

2- See a therapist: I see one of these at least once a month if not more. This is meant to just talk about what is going on my head when it comes to autism. It really does help to clear my mind and get through some obstacles from an outside source.

3- Get involved: Try to find local meetings, programs, or events that you can relate to. You would be surprised how many other people are going through what you are and how much you need that support.

4- State programs: Each state typically has a support system where they come out, asses your child and do so much more. You are able to get the help you need from your system.

5- ABA: Get your child in ABA (applied behavior analysis). This program will assist your child, and even you, get the guidance you need. They teach your kid and help you get the milestones and goals met.

6- Share with others: Again, share your story with others and hope they can relate. I write on my blog about it and I know we usually get some great feedback. But, even more than that, be open to your friends and family about autism and help them understand a little more!

These are all things that I went through personally and could relate to it later in life. I was able to really move forward and get the help for my son and myself that I needed to get.

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