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The word family can be used in so many ways, but – as a mom – my number one use of this word is for my husband and two children (and two dogs). In this article, I’d like to tackle the ways in which I make sure family bonding is at the forefront of my attention.

Admittedly, I struggle with putting myself first. If mom’s not happy, no one’s happy. While I wholeheartedly believe this statement, I find that spending time with my family in my free time makes me extremely happy. Seeing their smiles, hearing their laughter, and feeling their embraces (whether during their times of sadness as a pick me up or in their expression of love and appreciation). A mom’s life is generally a thankless one – so those precious moments are my mental checks of “thank you” notes from my family.

One way I ensure my family is among the top of the list priorities is by always eating dinner at the dinner table. No matter what I have going on, how busy I am, when it’s dinner time, we all stop what we’re doing and sit down for a meal together. We get to discuss our days, celebrate our successes, and just enjoy being together for that time. I also still read to my children before bed and we spend that time with hugs, loves, and teases.

Another way I prevent my family from taking a backseat is by following a schedule. While there are always exceptions to this rule, I do my very best to ensure my work is done within business hours (sometimes the struggle is real when you work from home) and refuse to work weekends or make sure it’s done after the children are in bed – shift work for my husband means that at times I’m able to work at night without sacrificing time with him as well. When I first began, I was on my phone or computer constantly and it showed. I still have my moments, as it’s a daily retraining of my mind, but I do my best to focus on them when it’s outside of work hours. We usually have Friday or Saturday movie night which my kids have begun to look forward to, and so have I! My son LOVES caramel popcorn, so occasionally we’ll make the quick microwave version I found via Pinterest and is AMAZING. Plus, he can help make it, so even better bonding opportunity.

I have never been a very spontaneous person, so I do my best to “schedule” time and activities with my kiddos and hubby to make sure they don’t feel neglected. And sometimes they’ll give me cues to let me know I’m slacking in that department. When my kids get overly whiny or clingy, I realize I must not have been showing them the attention they’ve needed that week. As I’m typing this, I’m playing with play-doh with my daughter. I cannot stand the smell of play-doh, and I’ve made my own before, but she loves it and SO we play with it.

To wrap this up, my biggest and most foolproof way to make your family a highlight is to use your intuition. And to go easy on yourself. So long as you are trying and making an effort, you are succeeding in showing your family they are important and loved. Take breaks, laugh with them, hug often – we all need those moments. See the services I offer here and feel free to email me HERE.