Jessica Halvorsen

Time and Energy Manager

Helping mom entrepreneurs manage time, create space, and better understand priorities. Build YOUR village & step into YOUR version of a superhero suit confidently & proudly.

Hi, I’m Jessie – a thirty-something married mom of 3 beautiful souls and 3 furry beasts.

My Story

My family is my world, and I embrace every opportunity that allows me to highlight that fact. I’m a firm believer in doing what works for you and your family.

I have a degree in both Music (Music Education specifically) and Accounting, took a bridal consulting course while I was a nanny in California, have been a preschool teacher in numerous daycares, taught piano and voice lessons, and worked as an administrative assistant in an ob/gyn office for over a year just to name a few of the many hats I have worn over the years.

After my first year of college, my friend and I went on a Trafalgar Tour through England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. I will forever be grateful for that experience and making that happen. I also hope to be able to take my family on a few vacations within the next few years as I miss it very much and have some bucket list places I’d like to check off.

Over the past five years, I have built my virtual assistant business and skills and hope to bring my positivity, tenacity, and “yes, I can” attitude to assist you in building your empire. Adding in the Membership Society in January this year has been a wonderful match for showing moms what they are capable of and guiding others on their path.

Whatever challenges and opportunities I face in the future, I welcome them with open arms!

Truly, I am here to uplift, elevate, and relate to others and their stories.

With that, I’m an open book. Ask me any questions, share your stories, comment away. I invite your feedback and look forward to having you jump aboard and join me on my ride of learning, growing, and elevating!

My Values & Beliefs


No matter where you are, what you offer, and when you began your journey, encouragement can mean the difference between following through or falling flat.


You may have what it takes, but sometimes you need the tools to get the results. I provide those tools for you along the way.


The foundation and goal. When we lift others, we find ourselves rising with them. We want to see you succeed. 

My Approach

I take my experience and trial-and-errors and guide you through the virtual assistant landscape to entrepreneurial success.

A general framework can be followed along with my signature MARKET Method, but we will set a pace directed by your comfort and desires to have you working in advance.

Each step is an accomplishment to be proud of, and I will help keep you in check and moving forward steadily.