Jessica Halvorsen

Content Specialist

Organically Creating Prospects, Authority, & Visibility For You to Establish Your Business.

Hi, I’m Jessie – a thirty-something married mom of 3 beautiful souls and 3 furry beasts.

My Story

My family is my world, and I realized quickly that fulfillment for me meant more than simply caring for them and the household todos.

Even though I have a degree in music (education) and accounting, a certificate in bridal consulting, have traveled to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland on a Trafalgar Tour (more destinations on my bucket list), what I fell in love most with was giving mom entrepreneurs a boost in confidence and their ability to manage ALL. THE. THINGS. Building something that supported other moms and made a positive difference in their lives kept calling to me.

When I began online as a virtual assistant, I simply wanted to help. I still want that — to help other moms. I do that in five ways:

Taking tasks off your plate to help alleviate the pressure and keep your business running while you chase your kids with Mom Elevated Virtual Assistant Services.

Providing a central, safe space for you to connect and commiserate with others while learning from guest experts with the Mom Elevated Society.

Giving you go at your own speed options to implement in your busy calendar as you see fit – all about reducing overwhelm and making your life easier with Mom Elevated Resources and Products.

Lifting spirits with fun, light-hearted, and true gear that you can surround yourself with and don as a reminder to smile and keep on keepin’ on with the Mom Elevated Merchandise Store.

Helping you do one of these: define your content pillars, set your priorities and schedule, decide what to delegate, organize by talking through systems, or break down a single piece of content into many to repurpose in an hour with a Mom Elevated Consult Call.

I have been a single mom, a work out of the home mom, a stay-at-home mom, and now a work from home mom. All have their own set of unique struggles, but one thing remains the same — we are trying our best and support helps.

Truly, I am here to uplift, elevate, and relate to others and their stories.

Struggles are easier when they’re shared, and that’s simply what I’m creating with my services and offerings — a way to help share your struggles so they’re not all only on your shoulders. Welcome! I’m an open book, so ask away — and like the Full (and Fuller) House’s door, my inbox is ALWAYS open. I invite your feedback and look forward to having you jump aboard and join me on my ride of learning, growing, and elevating!

My Values and Beliefs


No matter where you are, what you offer, and when you began your journey, encouragement can mean the difference between following through or falling flat.


You may have what it takes, but sometimes you need the tools to get the results. I provide those tools for you along the way.


The foundation and goal. When we lift others, we find ourselves rising with them. We want to see you succeed. 

My Approach

I take my experience and trials and errors and guide you through the virtual assistant landscape to entrepreneurial success.

A general framework can be followed along with my signature FLY or FLOAT Method, but we will set a pace directed by your comfort and desires to have you working in advance to PAVE your way.

Each step is an accomplishment to be proud of, and I will help keep you in check and steadily moving forward.