About Me

Where do we begin? I have experience all over the map from being a nanny (managing a household) to working as an administrative assistant for a doctor’s office. I took a bridal consulting course while I was a nanny partially to pass the time and because it sounded interesting, but I have a degree in Music (a year away from a Bachelor’s in Music Education) and a degree in Accounting.

After my first year of college, my friend and I went on a Trafalgar Tour through England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. I will forever be grateful for that experience and making that happen. I also hope to be able to take my family on a few vacations within the next few years as I miss it very much and have some bucket list places I’d like to check off.

I also have three beautiful kiddos who absolutely drive me up the wall some days and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. My husband is my rock and at times just as much of a contributor to driving me up the wall as I’m sure I am for him as well.

I have built my virtual assistant skills over the past three years and can only hope to bring my positivity, tenacity, and “yes, we can” attitude to raise your business to another level. I look forward to whatever challenges and opportunities are in the future! Contact me today at jessie@tkoassisting.com or fill out the form found on the Contact Page HERE.