About Me

Jessie About MeHello, all my fellow flawed family friends! I’m Jessie, a thirty-something married mom of 3 beautiful souls and 2 four-legged beasts.

I have a wonderful day job of being a VA. However, I thought that blogging would be the outlet needed to not only remember certain aspects of our growing family shenanigans but also provide me a sense of freedom to express myself in my own work and keep that creativity flowing.

My family is my world, and I embrace every opportunity that allows me to highlight that fact. I’m a firm believer in doing what works for you and your family and knowing that while everyone has their opinions, suggestions, and advice, this wild rollercoaster we call parenting has no exact rulebook set in stone. Mistakes will be made, failures will happen, but why not accept those flaws, do your best, love with all you have and have as much fun as you can along the way? Those are the memories that your little loves will cherish later on and remember the most.

Truly, I am here to uplift and relate to others and their stories and hopefully provide a laugh or two to otherwise daunting situations.

I have a degree in Music (Music Education specifically) and Accounting, took a bridal consulting course while I was a nanny in California, have been a preschool teacher in numerous daycares, taught piano and voice lessons, and worked as an administrative assistant in an ob/gyn office for over a year just to name a few of the many hats I have worn over the years. You could say that children have been a good focal point for a long period of time in my background. Now that I have my own, allowing them to be their own people and watching them come into their own with a little guidance along the way fills my heart to the point of near-exploding.

With that, I’m an open book. Ask any questions about me, share your stories, comment away. I welcome your feedback and look forward to having you jump aboard and join me on my ride of trials, errors, and joy! Find out how to work with me here.