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I LOVE the holidays. Any kind, really. Any cause for celebration and I am all over that. Tie a ribbon around a pencil, I am done. Haha Not really, I’m terrible at tying ribbons but give me a gift bag and I will run wild.

Halloween Themed Costume Ideas

Dressing up for Halloween never lost its appeal for me, either. If I have the opportunity, I find a pirate outfit or a minion and roll with it for work, school, or weekend growing up and now. Growing into a family meant instant themed costumes. Um, yes, please!

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Enjoy these 5 themed costume ideas your family will love (if you don’t, we can’t be friends haha):


Wizard of Oz

Dorothy, Toto, and even The Yellow Brick Road itself are options with this amazing theme. Plus, if you haven’t introduced this fabulous classic to your children yet, may I recommend a before-bed reading and movie night? We chose this theme this year and I am sooo excited to get everyone dolled up; my husband is the Tin Man, our son is the Scarecrow, our oldest daughter is Dorothy, our newest is the Lion, and I am the good ol’ Wicked Witch. “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”

Despicable Me

If you didn’t fall in love with Agnes, Minions, and all things despicable, you’re crazy. “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” I feel like we all re-fell in love with unicorns thanks to Agnes. Not only are there great family options here, but boys and girls alike should be pretty content with the decision to don a Despicable Me theme (whether you choose movie one, two, or three).


I feel like this theme will be a huge hit this year. As a family, who doesn’t want to be superheroes? And these guys are both. I mean, you could go the traditional Justice League or Avengers route, but the cartoon superheroes appeal to the younger crowd, I think. Violet, Jack-Jack, and Dash have some stellar abilities; we nearly settled on this theme ourselves.


By far one of my favorite family themes. And, with Octavia filling a lion role this year, we could have done this again. However, we decided a new setting was in order. When we donned these outfits, we were only a family of three and chose the ringmaster, a clown, and an elephant. Let me tell you, our son was THE cutest elephant you’d ever seen. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

Hotel Transylvania

With the third movie in this series making its debut, this theme will likely be wildly popular. Rightfully so. Dracula, Mavis, babies, Frankenstein… possibilities galore. Tell me you haven’t rolled this one around in your noggin? The costumes would be amazing and fun.

These Halloween themed costume ideas would look incredible (see what I did there?) and be winners for any family looking to coordinate. Many more come to mind. What have you decided on? If you have a younger family and still need help picking, my list is especially helpful!

Happy hunting and dressing up!!

5 themed costume ideas your family will love

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