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This list is going to be my new favorite to review over and over – and likely yours, too! 

For a little reference, I’ve been in business for about 8 years. Every journey is unique and this is in no way, shape, or form to make you feel like you SHOULD be at this point or that you can’t be BEYOND where I am already. It is just a reflection, some notes, and takeaways to be helpful, motivational, or let you reminisce. 

As for the 5 lessons I learned earning $55K in my business in one year:

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1️⃣Perspective is everything – Many times last year, I got in a funk about where I was, how I was doing, the progress I was making. But I made some HUGE progress that I wasn’t acknowledging or disregarded any positives because my brain was already moving to the next goal before giving credit to the current goal.
2️⃣Celebrate the successes – I remember starting at $300 or less a month and being really excited about that amount. Somehow my brain mixxed that I’ve over 10x’d that amount because I lost sigh of celebrating each success! It’s easy to schluff them off, but don’t. Recognizing those wins keeps you motivated, helps you create new goals, and assess what worked and what may need to be tweaked. Also, just taking a moment to be giddy about what you’re doing!
3️⃣We innately overcomplicate things – Over and over you hear “business gets to be easy” and I kept going, “okay, great! When?” haha But ultimately, I’m realizing it’s because we think we’re making things simpler or just overanalyze and overthink every decision. Sure, it gets to be easy once you work past all the roadblocks and things you are sabotaging yourself in doing.
4️⃣Micromanaging is detrimental – Control is a hard thing to relinquish. Especially when you worked so hard to create and foster this business from the ground up. When you decide to hire someone, micromanaging has no place. You need to trust the person you hired to do the job you hired them for, and if they don’t do it or don’t do it well, you need to decide if you will spend the time to teach them properly or replace them. But, if you did your due diligence, then the chances are you know they are capable of delivering good on the results you’re wanting.
5️⃣Change is a-okay – Part of growth is evolving. You might expect business ideas and paths to morph and change, but the unexpected piece that sneaks up on you is how important the personal development alterations are for expansion to happen. It’s not always uncomfortable (another thing you hear often – you have to get out of your comfort zone, but sometimes it’s not uncomfortable so much as just new and different and something you need to practice). Reshaping and reframing yourself and the business as you learn more about each.

Is there anything that stuck out to you in the list or that you think may be missing? Happy to hear your thoughts!

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