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“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” ~ Clarence Budington Kelland

Being a father presents many challenges and many rewards, as well. Heck, being a parent is no easy task. You will be met head on at times. A battle of will can almost be counted on at least a handful of times throughout any given week. BUT the struggles get buried under the joys of seeing your influence create a wonderful human being (or a few wonderful human beings).

In our household, the fatherly role is played by someone who tends to have much more fun, spontaneous moments than mom. He brings the laughter; his split second decisions that prevent or stop a meltdown and move into happy memories make a difference. The ability to dissuade a situation does not get overlooked (at least not by me).

With that, here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas that I know my guy would enjoy or we have done (though he says he doesn’t want anything):

  1. A new tattoo – My hubby has been wanting to add to his repertoire now that we have two new littles. In fact, he wanted to add one when we had our first daughter but, 3 years later, I finally said think of something and go for it! Now that we have completed our family with the arrival of the littlest in April, I figure he can think of a way to incorporate the 3 kids and call it good for a while.
  2. A homemade gift – While it may not appear to be as precious as a macaroni necklace is for moms, dads treasure those little heartfelt gifts, too. We did baseballs with handprints on them one year and we still have them displayed. Cute, shows effort, and fun — plus our son had just started t-ball, so it held a special meaning. I also roll t-shirts, coffee mugs, pint glasses, etc in this group (you know, the ones that say something like Super Dad or Always Her Hero).
  3. Man Crates – I seriously love this website. I tend to go with these for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and any celebration where I have a hard time thinking of a gift he hasn’t already bought himself. Not only are the gifts usually amazingly perfect, but they can be fun, and the gift card option has some super funny and fantastic automated fill in choices. Really, one of my top gift choices of all time.
  4. Gift card – Always a winner, this selection can be for anything so he can pick and choose his own present. Sometimes we get a card for his favorite eatery and sometimes we get one to a place like Cabela’s. You can’t really go wrong here.
  5. Item for the garage/shop – Once in a while, he’ll drop a hint of a tool he would like or needs. Other times I think, he needs to hang this up, so we got him a hammer coat hook. We just moved last year, so we had gotten him welcome mats for the garage – one in the shape of a toolbox and one that just looked really cool with a tire and such on it.

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The point with Father’s Day is to highlight the fact that you appreciate what he does year round and show that you notice all the little things. A little token can go a long way. And making sure your dad is not taken for granted. Remember, these are just a few suggestions, but there are many many more (with pricing ranging from zero dollars to quite a few pennies). Just show that you care, you see what he does, and you appreciate the effort put in each day.

Father's Day Gift

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