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Since I’m watching my last baby reach milestones and grow way too quickly, I figured this would be a great choice of topic. Halloween is right around the corner (happy dance!). As I’ve mentioned, I LOVE the holidays and celebrations.

Part of the festivities = finding the right costume. We have chosen some doozies in the past few years and I can’t wait to wear the ones we picked this year. My kids get to help choose, but really don’t have much say in what our ensembles will be in the end.

Last year I let them have a bit more freedom and didn’t go as one big cohesive group. This year, however, I vetoed that as it’s Octavia’s first Halloween and I wanted one more super fun family unit idea before I get little influence anymore.

With that, let me influence your decisions a little with 5 of my favorite adorable baby Halloween costumes (it is NOT easy to narrow it down to five, I’ll have you know):

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Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this would make an incredible twin combination? One year, when we went to a downtown trick or treating event, I saw a baby dressed as a lamb and it stuck with me. Was THE softest material and such a sweet, sweet outfit. My little lady is going to be the Cowardly Lion this year from The Wizard of Oz, so I had to include that one. AND, while I’m in the animal realm, I’ll include skunk because when you see the crawling kids with that tail and white streak, you can’t help but giggle. Plus, come on, sometimes the stink fits.


For those big enough to be in a carrier, this is an amazing way to disguise your carrier and still be comfortable while trick or treating. A friend of mine did this one year — clever, cute, and memorable! She was the movie attendant, the carrier was the bucket, and her kiddo the popcorn.


Adorable Baby Halloween Costume

Baby Halloween Costume

Okay, so my son was obsessed with rhinos when he was little. We couldn’t find a very cute rhino costume and opted for a triceratops instead. He was convinced thanks to the horn, and I was able to love on how flipping cute he was running around in that get-up. When we did a family circus theme, my son was the elephant and I can honestly say it was one of my absolutely favorite costumes of all time. The giant ears, his big ol’ toddler cheeks, and the trunk were just too much cute in one tiny package. We also gave him circus peanuts to eat; it was perfect. Give one of those a go!


I could have kept going with animal choices, but I figured branching out would probably be best. There are some seriously amazing outfits donning capes that make for some super babies. Get it? I feel like a baby Thor would be hilariously cute.

Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Choices


Come on, this had to make the list. A little dude from back when I worked in daycares went as a garden gnome and he was fabulous. I definitely remember the costume and feel like he was probably pretty warm that night in our Wyoming winters. Plus, with Sherlock Gnomes being a bit hit recently, the costume still would be fairly recognizable.

Hopefully, you enjoyed that list as much as I did in creating it. As you probably noticed, I cheated a little and combined a few so that I stuck to my 5 baby Halloween costume favorites, but shhhh. I won’t tell if you don’t. If you have any stunning baby costumes, please feel free to share them (you’ll make my day, really!). 

Baby Halloween Costume Choices

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