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Do you know at least 3 ways to have a successful client relationship?

One key ingredient to creating a strong business is the relationship you establish between yourself and your client or customer.

Fostering that relationship can be done by numerous paths. I have found the path that works best for me.

My suggestions for 3 ways to have a successful virtual assistant-client relationship are as follows:


If you have mutual respect for one another, that helps boost self-esteem on both parts and generally makes for a better working relationship. The capabilities of my clients amaze me. Their strengths may not be mine, but I look up to them in some sense in the expertise they hold. I believe that feeling is sensed and helps build confidence both in what they have in you and in themselves, as well.


Having open communication will create trust and a bond. If you make a mistake, own it and do better. If there is a misunderstanding, clarify. You can easily fortify or break the rapport by hiding something or being dishonest. When a client asks me a question, I answer with full disclosure. Maybe I am not the best person for the job, but I may have a referral or am willing to figure it out if they would like me to. Or they need a quick turnaround time that I simply do not have the capacity to honor. At times I may be too much of an open book, but I choose to think that may be an endearing quality.


Finding someone who does a good job, fairly quickly, and reliably can seal the deal. You become a right-hand man, so to speak, and prove how much helping them in their endeavors means to you. If you can do that, that’s invaluable. I put my all into each task in hopes of exceeding expectations. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss the mark sometimes, but I am happy to fix the trajectory to get back on track. Many times, just being a sounding board, growing with a client and their business, and taking on challenges can go a long way.

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When you lead with integrity and produce good work, you will find that respect and good communication will come back to you from your clients naturally!

While these tips are important, there are plenty of other components to a successful virtual assistant:

  • creating a clear message
  • getting visible online
  • creating your offer
  • client boundaries

…and so much more!

Tell me below, which of these three things do you most naturally rock at? Own it, girl, I can’t wait to hear it!

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3 Ways to Have a Successful Client Relationship


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